Property Eagles – How to Find that Perfect Property

by Admin Jun 1, 2022

Have you been poking around online, perusing all available homes for sale, and marveling at the endless list of options? Or, possibly, you’ve outgrown your current place and are ready to move up; maybe it’s time to take the plunge and leave that rental property and buy a home.

Property Eagles – How to Find that Perfect Property

What is Home Staging?

If you fit into one of those scenarios, you’re not alone. 6.1 million housing transactions occurred in 2021, the most on record since 2006. People are on the move, and around here, they’re likely working with someone who provides quality real estate services in Knoxville.

Considering the vast amount of money you’ll be tying into purchasing a property, you’ll want to ensure you find the perfect place for years to come. At Wright Realty, our passion is providing quality real estate services in Knoxville. And we want to start you off on the right foot with your house search. You’ll want to make certain considerations while touring houses and watch for red flags.

Considerations to Take

Buying a house is a commitment. You will be spending free time there, sleeping, entertaining, and maybe even growing a family in one. Once you’ve enlisted an expert in quality real estate services in Knoxville, you’ll want to take a list with you reminding you of what you really want to ponder before placing an offer.

  • Location - You’ve heard it before… ‘location, location,’ location.’ It’s something you can’t negotiate on or move the house away from. If you fall in love with a place adjacent to an airport and can’t sleep through jet planes roaring, you can’t move that house to a different spot. On top of that, do your research on the community you’ll be settling into and consider driving commute times.
  • Fundamentals - When touring a home, look at all the parts of it and think about the things you can change vs. not. You may despise the avocado green wallpaper in the kitchen, but that’s easy to fix with a bit of wallpaper removal. But what if the three bedrooms are too far apart and there’s no way you can place your baby’s nursery near your bedroom?
  • Property Education - Learn everything you can about the home you’re considering. A company involved in quality real estate services in Knoxville would be able to assist you if you have questions you want to be answered about the house. Also, go through the place with an objective mind, measure the rooms, and make sure they’re adequately large enough for you. Inspect things like the windows, HVAC systems, roof, and driveway.
  • Tradeoffs - Though the goal is to find the perfect place for you, there’s no 100% perfect home for anyone. Allow yourself to consider tradeoffs if you find negatives. One example would be if the house faces a significant roadway and other buyers are turned off by the bustle and noise. But if you don’t mind some activity outside and can sleep through the sounds of passing cars, this could give you an advantage in acquiring the property.

Red Flags

Now that you have a quick checklist of how you should think about finding a place, it’s time to put red flags at the forefront. Just think of this as your page #2 of the checklist and heed the warning signs. Talk to your quality real estate services in Knoxville if you find any concerns and need to talk them through.

  • Foundation - This is a big and costly one! Foundation problems promise to rack up repair costs likely beyond what you’d ever be willing to spend. If the home includes a basement or crawl space, venture down into them and look for cracks, leaks, bowing, or any other sign of problems down there.
  • See Past the Staging - Sure, freshly painted walls add a fresh, clean element to a home, but it could be a cheap attempt to cover problems or detract from other more-expensive issues than just a fresh coat of paint. People selling their places do everything they can to perfectly stage their houses for potential buyers. But keep in mind that the staging may be covering things. If you talk to your agent working with a quality real estate service in Knoxville, they’ll know how to help spot cover-ups. They’ve seen it all before.
  • Some Doors are Locked - If you can’t see the entire place, that’s fishy, and the seller might be trying to hide something.
  • Foggy Windows - Unless you’re preparing to spend a large sum of money on replacing them, beware of problem windows, like foggy ones, that you wouldn’t want to pay to replace.
  • Bad Smells - If you buy a place with a not-so-pleasant aroma, be aware that you’re inheriting that problem. Certain stinky smells, like cat urine, may be nearly impossible to eliminate. And a musty smell means moisture, and that means possibly costly fixes.

By preparing yourself and consulting with a company specializing in quality real estate services in Knoxville, you’re setting yourself up to find the perfect property for everyone involved. Take these considerations into mind. And remember that red flags can help you catch a warning sign that the place might not be suitable for you. With all of this due diligence, you’ll land yourself in the perfect place for the foreseeable future.


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